Dykkon ”Decadencia EP”

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Artist: Dykkon
Title: Decadencia EP
Label: Credo
Cat. #: CREDO46
Format: Digital
Release Date: 11th September, 2017
01. Dykkon – Not For Me (Original Mix)
02. Dykkon – Sprinter (Original Mix)
03. Dykkon – Decadencia (Tool)
04. Dykkon – Decadencia (Original Mix)

Another set of four chapters of long techno tradition from spain by Madrid based Dykkon. Simplicity meets effectniveness paired with a deep but at the same time punchy appearance. All tracks sneaking in a very subtile way. Icecold sounds and delayed percussion layered over a deep mixture of bass and drums form “Not For Me” to open the EP. “Sprinter” turns towards a bit more weirdy soundastethics. Both the tool and the full version of “Decadencia” connect and relate to this idea.



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