Eagles & Butterflies Interview

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– Talk me through your alias, Eagles & Butterflies. How did you come up with it? Is there a thinking behind the name?
I actually had a butterfly and eagles tattoo done, then John Digweed signed 2 of my tracks for Bedrock and he needed an artist name within a few hours! Butterflies represent the nice happy melodic stuff I make, and the eagles, the not so happy stuff…

– Does Eagles & Butterflies differ compared to Chris Barratt, then? Are they completely different people?
Well Im still Chris Barratt, of course! But I don’t produce under that name anymore. Years ago I produced under my real name for loads of cool labels like Yoshitoshi, Strictly Rhythm etc, but I wanted to start something completely different, hence the alias.

– I believe you’ve a massive body of work that you’ve been working on for a long time. How did you first become involved with production then?
Yeah, I make a track pretty much every day, so I’vee loads of tracks sat there waiting to go. I’ve also just finished my album (The Butterfly Effect), which is out mid-March on my label. I’ve always enjoyed playing with sounds and it just went from there really.

– And how do you decide what to release?
I release most stuff on my own label which is perfect for me, as I pretty much just put together 4 tracks per release. When I’m digging enough tracks, I put out a new release…

– So what’s the idea behind the Spread Your Wings releases then?
Just to put out my own sound that doesn’t have to fit anywhere else. This way, I don’t have to wait to release stuff or to make changes to suit what sells. It’s amazing to put out what you want when you want.

– You’ve enjoyed a bit of a whirlwind time of it recently, with your tracks coming to prominence thanks to support from some renowned names. What’s been the highlight?
It’s always nice to see people playing your tracks. It was cool to see Richie Hawtin playing the first EP at Enter in Ibiza and then at Creamfields also.

– And you’re based in Ibiza full-time, right? What prompted the move? Is this your first winter there?
Yea I love it here, I’m never leaving! I lived with Felix Da Housecat in the summer and was resident for his party at space, and just fell in love with the island and didn’t want to leave.

– How is the mood different on the island compared to how it is in summer? Are they incomparable?
Summer is bonkers, winter is amazing. Complete opposite ends of the spectrum really. I prefer winter though, it’s so quiet and magical…

– A lot’s been made of the changing face of Ibiza and its clubbing scene of late. Is this something you feel strongly about?
Not really. Trends come and go and things will always keep changing, but there is something here for everyone and that is always a good thing. There is still a great underground scene here and the big room sound has made a big impact because it’s where the big money is for the clubs now.

– So when did you first get over there? Did it make an immediate impression on you?
I’ve been coming here for years and always left with a lot less brain cells than I came with! This year was the first time I really got to appreciate how magical the place is.

– When did you decide it was somewhere you wanted to settle?
About 4 weeks after moving here!

– From reading previous interviews, you seem to be somebody who takes a pretty positive slant on life. So what advice would you give to budding producers out there?
Positivity is everything in life. Never waste a moment on anything or anyone negative, and the universe will reward you back with positivity. I would just say keep doing what you love and don’t think or watch what other people are doing, just do your own thing.

Interview by James Hopkins


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