Eastmask Interview

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Eastmask is one half of Rust & Dust, a South Korean DJ and production duo who’ve adopted a really interesting European sound as their own in recent times. We put some questions to him just as his most recent offering came to pass on the HMWL label…

– Are you permanently based in Germany nowadays? What are the best and worst things about living there from an electronic music point of view?
I am based in South Korea at the moment. I travel to Germany from time-to-time and, for me, living in Germany definitely inspired me in many ways. Being there is always really positive. One thing I have realized these days is that inspiration is actually everywhere.

– Do you find different parts of the year more inspirational to make music? When do you find you’re at your most creative?
Yes. Every day I’ve different inspirations and when I’m alone and in a quiet mood, that’s when I’m at my most creative.

– How does your mood dictate the music you make?
I’m far from perfect when it comes to producing music, so it doesn’t dictate it too much right now.

– Can you give us some insight into Rust & Dust? How did you meet, what are your influences etc?
We met at the club in Seoul and had a quick bite after the party like most party people and DJs do. Since then we’ve sat down together and spend a lot of time together, not necessarily all music based. We were influenced by different artists and that brought us together really.

– Does it feel strange to be in the studio on your own now? Or have you always made music on your own too?
I was in my studio alone in the past so I don’t feel strange and there is another live band project that I do with my genius guitarist. It is called Sono.

– What do you consider the highlight of that partnership?
Harmony and unexpected musical happenings!

– And who’s been your biggest mentor with regards to your music career?
Wow… I was influenced by many different artists from blues to ambient. For Blues, SRV, and for ambient, Sigur Rós.

– And this latest EP on HMWL– can you tell us about it a bit and how it came about?
The “Ameniia EP” on HMWL is named after the label I run in South Korea. Unfortunately, it does not contain any meaning in behind, just came out. It was actually written exactly a year ago when those brass and deep bass sound were popular and I am happy to see it is finally out on HMWL.

– What’s your ultimate aim as a musician?
To create undiscovered things.

– How important is it that your producer peers check out your music then?
It is always pleasure that my producer peers checks out my music and gives me honest feedback. It has to be honest in an objective sight of course. This great feedback always challenges me and bring me to the next level.

– You’re renowned for incorporating all sorts of house music. What’s the idea there?
I am still in learning and evolving slowly. Like I get inspiration day by day, I sit down and try what I can do and it comes out different sorts of house music. Even for me, it is quite interesting to see what comes out and what not. Nowadays, I am into irregular formatted music style.

– What 3 things would you bring to a desert island if you were stuck?
Wilson, Wilson and the Wilson.

– Thank you from far east.

Interview by Ian Fleming

Eastmask’s Ameniia EP is out soon on HMWL


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