S/EXP “The Shade’s Journey”

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Artist: S/EXP
Title: The Shade’s Journey
Label: Eclipse Music
Cat. #: ECD004
Format: CD, digital
Release Date: April 2013
01. Aboard
02. The Beginning
03. Indigo (Interlude)
04. Shy Land
05. The Desolate Station
06. Atlantis
07. Take Off To The Gray
08. Lost In Marrakech
09. Distant Horizon
10. Around Me
11. No Way Out
12. The End Of Nothing
13. Indigo Oasis (Bonus Track)

S/EXP lives in a place where the music is hidden behind a dense fog and dreams are suffocated by an unpromising reality. This stimulates him to continue his research of magical places around the world, being them ethereal landscapes, deep cenotes or blue seas. In those places he discovered and created new sounds, melodies and rhythms that melted together create soundscapes for escape.
The Shade’s Journey is the debut album of the young producer Emanuele Pertoldi under the moniker S/EXP formerly known to be part of the Evasion Room project. The album consists in twelve tracks of deep techno and ambient music written and composed using mainly harware synths and drum machines.
Classic deep tracks such as “The Beginning”, “Shy Land” and “Atlantis” are followed by more experimental and darker sounds as “Lost In Marrakech”.
Styles alternate between sci-fi ambient soundscapes “Take Off To The Gray”and “Indigo Interlude”. Padded techno tracks like “Distant Horizon” adds some dub suggestions reminding Porter Ricks outputs on Chain Reaction.
The bonus track “Indigo Oasis” ends the album with an injection of electro and blissful pads recalling Detroit melodies from the past.


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