Echologist ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’

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LNTHN003 ArtworkArtist: Echologist
Title: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Reworks: Deepbass, Antonio Ruscito
Label: Lanthan Audio
Format: 12″ / digital
Cat. #:
Release Date: January 6th 2016
A1 / 1. Dead Man Tell No Tales
A2 / 2. Dusted
B1 / 3. Dead Men Tell No Tales (Deepbass Version)
B2 / 4. Dead Men Tell No Lies (Antonio Ruscito Version) 02:08
Digital Bonus. Dead Men Tell No Lies (Antonio Ruscito Bonus Version) kicked off 2016 with its third release. Label owner, Christian Gerlach, has already delivered two powerful punches of conceptual techno by artists like Edit Select and Deepbass. This time the South African born, New York based producer the Echologist has been chosen to lead the five track EP.

Echologist, also known as Brendon Moeller, has always demonstrated his passion for hypnotic synths with intense smoky atmospheres. He delivers two original tracks that have then been remixed by a familiar name to the label, Deepbass, as well as the talented Antonio Ruscito.

With the original cuts you can expect a trippy journey into metallic loops on a spatial environment of solid beats. The Deepbass remix offers another version of the hypnotic process in ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ in a more powerful manner.

On the flipside, the Italian, Antonio Ruscito delivers two other interpretations of the original track through different paths. The B2 serves us a proper banging synthetic vibe and the last bonus track, which is digital only, is the final trip to an hypnotic and cloudy deepspace.

With this package continues showing interest on a structural sound with that artistic touch of architecture. Expect to see some more new constructions of their new building.


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