AnD “Cosmic Microwave Background”

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EDLX038CDArtist: AnD
Title: Cosmic Microwave Background
Label: Electric Deluxe
Cat. #: EDLX038CD , EDLX038LP
Formats: CD, 2 x LP
Release Date: October 20th 2014
Tracklist CD:
1. Particle
2. The Epoch Of Recombination
3. Power Spectrum
4. Cosmic Strings
5. Relic Radiation
6. Gravitational Waves
7. Photon Visibility Function
8. Non-Sky Signal Noise
9. Acoustic Oscillations
10. Galactic Motion
11. Diffusion Damping
12. The Surface Of Last Scattering
Tracklist LP:
A1. Power Spectrum
A2. Gravitational Waves
B1. Acoustic Oscillations
B2. Diffusion Damping
C1. Particle
C2. The Epoch Of Recombination
D1. Relic Radiation
D2. Non-Sky Signal Noise

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