Subjected “Dolor”

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Artist: SubjectedEDLX041
Title: Dolor
Label: Electric Deluxe
Cat. #: EDLX041
Format: Vinyl, digital
Release Date: March 2nd 2015
1. Krupp 5
2. Dolor
3. Wute
4. Zopiklona

This time Subjected appears on Electric Deluxe with “Dolor” as solo artist, for who don’t remember he was featured in the Dutch label with two releases made in collaboration with Sawlin.
“Krupp 5” and “Dolor” got a different and apparently mainstream kind of sound, showing a possible new stylistic way taken by the producer, but our trip starts when we listen “Wute” and “Zopiklona”, filled with dark and industrial sounds, where the real identity of Subjected is revealed.


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