Eduardo De La Calle ‘Analog Groove’

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MG112-2400-PACKSHOTArtist: Eduardo De La Calle
Title: Analog Groove
Label: Mental Groove
Cat. #: MG112
Format: 6×12″ Vinyl, CD, Download, Stream
Release Date: 28-2-16
A1 Never Summertime Again (Re-modelled mix)* 7.18
B1 E*E* (Rave signal rework)* 5.00
C1 E*E* (Deva remake)* 11.55
D2 Slowlife (Rework)* 9.00
E1 Yasodamai* 8.25
F1 Blade Runner* 5.07
F2 Repetance* 3.21
G1 Vasudevas Wonderland* 6.38
H1 Mental Jazz* 7.30
I1 The Window Rocket 7.00
J1 SP0000 7.22
K1 Echoes From Planet Earth 19.16
L1 10 x [∞ infnite loop]
Pluto | Neptun | Uranus | Saturn | Jupiter | Mars | Earth | Venus | Mercury | Sun

This album is, in its limited to 150 6×12″ box set form, an expanded edition of the four 12″ released since 2012 on Mental Groove Records [as Analog Grooves] that when completed would propose the listener a real complete journey album, in opposition to a collection of disparate dance tunes.

“Among Eduardo De La Calle’s expansive output of some sixty releases over the past half decade and aside from releases on his own Analog Solutions imprint, and the like of Nonplus, Cadenza and Semetica – is a serie of four e.p. for Mental Groove, collected under the Analog Grooves banner. Started in 2012, it focuses on a more experimental and meditative approach to techno, one sufused with jazz sensibilities and cosmic mindset.” – Brian Kolada, Resident Advisor


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