Resonance “Light Continuum” Review

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Javier Pérez Rodríguez a.k.a. Resonance continues his journey into music experimentation, developing his style into new forms and abandoning melancholic or blue feelings.

The tracks presented in “Light Continuum” go slightly away from the musical tendencies of his previous release “Skygaze”: there isn’t a difference between the vinyl’s side A or B, all the productions are melt in a coherent and fluid sequence which emanate a huge positive vibe.
The first three productions break down everything, defining their own existence as true anthems; the vocals definitely contribute to gain the level of interest and pressure during the listening session. This time the instrumental (or 4/4/ oriented) pieces are more decise than ever, these can stand alone and of course be played into any appropriate dj set.

El Hombre Bala Records – October 2016
1. The Dawn Breaking Crystals
2. Light Continuum
3. It Shines High
4. Hushed
5. Metals Upon The Air
6. Exhausted But Don’t Care
7. Scape Anthem

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Review by Matteo Pitton


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