Ekkohaus ‘More Then An Edit’

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Print_Sleeve_FLTD011Artist: Ekkohaus
Title: More Then An Edit
Label: Flumo Recordings
Format: 12’’ Black Vinyl Record with illustrated folded sleeve design
Release Date: 31st October 2016
A1. Far Fetcher
A2. Masketeers
B1. Fantasy
B2. 64 Bars

Flumo’s mainstay Ekkohaus returns, this time bringing a full-bodied package for the dance floor B audience. Suitably, ‘Far Fetcher’ acts as a warm welcome, inviting the listener inside its richly deep analogue soundscapes, closely reminiscent of deeper sides of classic house rhythms that have emanated from USA. It’s pace provides for a perfect way to start off the dance floor moving, while it’s synth-vocal exasperations create soulful depth which maintains powerful sense of impressionist melodicism.

Things get darker and more aggressive with’Musketeers’, a dub-heavy rhythm that drives one to involuntary movement due to its relentless repetition and such repetition’s subtle swing. The amalgamation of synth along with the pulsating sub invigorates one to move and bounce along with these elements.

‘Fantasy’ is the rare specialty. The cut provides rhythms and groove for the penultimate party vibe. It’s funkiness and transcendent melodies drive the vocals to the extent of ecstasy.

The calm-down moment is brought by ’64 Bars’, a rhythmic, synth-inflected break progressions captured in one of many live sets of Ekkohaus’. Arthur Russel’s haunting vocalisations hint towards techno and experimental scenes, while its warmth never escapes the medium of the vinyl record.


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