Electric Deluxe #100

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Electric Deluxe’s podcast turned 100 and to mark the occasion, on Dec 2nd, we’ll release #100, a limited series project curated by Speedy J.

This special project consists of 4 ‘white label’ vinyls. 8 sides, each of around 15 minutes, selected from the 99 previous podcasts.

Since 2009 EDLX podcast never missed a date, so many artists collaborated to the project, just to name few: Surgeon, Luke Slater, Peter Van Hoesen, Adam X, DVS1, Lucy, Dustin Zahn, Cari Lekebush, Brendon Moeller, Truss, Henning Baer, Dadub, The Black Dog, Ambivalent, Chris Liebing, Edit Select, Audio Injection, Mike Parker, Polar Inertia, Vatican Shadow, Obtane, Xhin, AnD, Giorgio Gigli, Tommy Four Seven, Terence Fixmer, Perc, Speedy J of course and many more.

Pitching our podcast as the hypothetical afterparty, and encouraging guests to probe deep into their own musical heritage to dig out the most profound, revealing, and occasionally surprising tracklist conceivable, the EDLX podcast has become more than a unique listening experience, but an intimate and immersive baring of the soul.

Coming soon on http://shop.electricdeluxe.net/ , it represents what the label has been doing in the last years: releases, podcasts, parties and showcases all around the world.

Here is the link to the previous podcasts : http://www.electricdeluxe.net/category/podcast/

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