chepheinewArtist: Electric Rescue
Title: Picture Of Cephei
Label: Analytic Trail
Cat. #: ANT067
Release Date: 15-6-2015
Devil’s Speech
Picture Of

The French Deejay/Producer Antoine Husson well known as Electric Rescue is came back on Markan-tonio’s imprint Analytic Trail after the success of “Lost Sight” EP published nine months ago. Electric Rescue made an incredible Extended Play called “Picture Of Cephei” including four original tracks written by himself.

“Devil’s Speech” a perfect mix of new school shapes and straight instrumental pattern, surrounded by electric basslines and mystic vocals tricks in background, it’s just a nice Techno tool.

“Cephei” is the namesake track of the Ep, it’s a fusion of straight Techno drum and side chained chords but pushed by pure energetic dark pads in background.

“Picture Of” introspective spacey Techno track where deep basslines and gloomy chords are mixed to-gether to create an atmospheric state of consciousness.

“Indecis” a tribal Techno tune made by jungle percussions and deep kick, supported by obstinate chords in background, creating a nasty dance floor weapon.

A very nice welcome back to Electric Rescue that found again the right key for Analytictrail’s Techno door, great stuff for dancers.


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