Artist: Shaded ExplorerELIXIR2 A
Title: Resonances From The Abyss EP
Label: Kabalion
Cat: elixir2
Format: Vinyl
Release Date: March 26th 2015
Distribution: Triplevision
A1. Decline Of An Underwater City
A2. Bake-kujira
B1. Submarine Public Transport
B2. Nestled In The Lake

Shaded Explorer is an alias used by the Italian producer Emanuele Pertoldi for obscue and underground music productions. In “Resonances From The Abyss” we can found four techno tracks with a distinctive presence and a mysterious charm.
The low amount of brightness in the hi-end frequencies, the muddy drum machine sounds and the low overall volume are functional to the trip into this mystical undewater world, a journey facilitated also by the right choice of track titles and EP name.


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