Emanuele Matte ‘Independence EP’

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Artist: Emanuele Matte
Title: Independence EP
Label: EMBC
Flap Museq
Bounced Back

Emanuele Matte is finally landed to Band Camp whit a new beginning.As the title of the Ep says music as been always represented freedom of expression for him and “Independence” is an Ep celebrating this new “A&R” free adventure . Music without any filter, there are no deal whit nobody just Himself the “one for the real ” not ” for the meal”. This first EP comes with four eclectics tracks starting from “Wall” , essence of the last years of sounds research , powerful and dry drums sets fused with a techno industrial and electronic suspended melodies and atmospheres. “Stage” puts you in another prospective of techno sounds, real natural Instruments reef will surprising you on the dance floor and even in the Dj boot! “Flap” is a strong peak-time track, according to the words of Adam-X (Epic Dj and Sonic Groove Boss ); he plays Flap even in Berghain during one of you’re session last season. And here we come to the last one “Bounced Back”, melodies and acid bass-lines will drive you in a different dimension of frequencies.


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