Artist: Emanuele Pertoldi
Title: Finding My Place In Space EP
Label: Bigger Deer
Cat. #: BDR035
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 31st 2012
1. Walking On Mars (Original Mix)
2. Summer Moon (Original Mix)

Emanuele Pertoldi debuts on Bigger Deer, living in Bologna (Italy), we are very happy to welcome this studio master.

Having spent much time behind sequencers and synthesisers, his passion in sound design, plus a huge amount of creativity, allows him to take the listener on a wave, full of emotion.

Emanuele’s live sets as Evasion Room Live (alongside 3 others), are not to be missed! Fully hardware and improvised.

On this debut release, Pertoldi demonstrates his vision of deep techno with nods to Detroit.


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