Emanuele Pertoldi

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Emanuele Pertoldi was born in a place where electronic music scene was and is very poor.
Since he was a child he had a strong passion for music.
After a lot of time behind experiments with sequencers,synths and dj gear he decided to pay more attention to his productions rather than finding places for djing due to no opportunities to play his genre around him.
Sound research,creativity and passion are the keys of his tracks.
He promotes the concept of quality over quantity.
He wants to transmit his sensations with warm waves that let your body feel the emotion inside his music.
He is influenced by the old school approach of Detroit Techno, by the experimental vibes of Den Haag, by 90’s Belgian Techno, by the oscure Berlin waves, by Eno’s ambient textures, by analog synths, by people who understand what he does and share the same passion.
He is also founder of Evasion Room Records with Riccardo D’Agostini and part of Evasion Room Live with Ric, Daniele and Andrea, a live based on improvisations on only hardware machines.

In 2013 he started a new alias, S/EXP (Shaded Explorer), with the aim to represent himself in a more intimate way.
The description of the project says: “S/EXP lives in a place where the music is hidden behind a dense fog and dreams are suffocated by an unpromising reality. This stimulates him to continue his research of magical places around the world, being them ethereal landscapes, deep cenotes or blue seas. In those places he discovered and created new sounds, melodies and rhythms that melted together create soundscapes for escape.”
The first release will be an album on Eclipse Music

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