Embassy Of Joy ‘Addiction EP’

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Scaled ImageArtist: Embassy Of Joy
Title: Addiction EP
Label: Endless
Cat. #: endless009
Format: 12” / digital
Release Date: 15 December, 2014
1. Addiction (Original)
2. Addiction (Johannes Brecht Remix)
3. Addiction (Patlac Remix)

When is comes to presenting interesting, mood-evoking electronic music with a beating heart and soul that still has deep resonance to a dancefloor, Luca Bacchetti’s ENDLESS imprint is turning more heads with each release. This is continued with the fascinating new EP from Embassy of Joy.

An act birthed from the island outreaches of Maui, the Hawaiian pairing of DJ/producer Marasco and vocalist Gretchen Rhodes were always going to craft something slightly left of dancefloor centre. While the production arm of the duo comes from a more conventional house and techno background, singer Rhodes has recorded and performed with iconic musical figures such Mick Fleetwood and Steven Tyler.

Their creation for Bacchetti’s ENDLESS sees the duo deliver ‘Addiction’ a dubby offering, tinted in dusty atmospheric tones and a certain haunting, tension-filled dynamic thanks to Rhodes haunting vocals that masterfully switch between singing, spoken word and breathy whisper over the course of the seven minute cut.

Johannes Brecht takes ‘Addiction’ into decidedly sinister territory, muffling the vocals and introducing impact-heavy bass, dark stabs and an eerie bell melody to create a murky house re-work that’ll stand out from the rest.

Completing the package is Hamburg import Patlac, who pushes the work into more harmonic territory, with velvety synths coating a bed of crisp percussion, before a memorable key pattern adds a delicious hook.

“The nature and the place where the music was developed are able to give the right influence to this sound. The frequencies are influenced by the surroundings. Embassy of Joy was born in Hawaii. Yes, it is classified as a paradise. In this paradise where a multicultural world meet with psychedelic, Polynesian and American sounds, it generates something really unique. When I heard ‘Addiction’ for the first time I realised that this melody was not going to leave my head any too soon…here it is.” – Luca Bacchetti


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