Emika’s new music video was shot on Madiera island during a short stay there were she performed live in a design hotel.  She shot it herself with 2 iPhones on her balcony and then collaborated with Polish video artists Chock Pock for an ultra slick effected edit.  The visual provides a rich back drop for the lyrics, ‘I fled to the ocean, broken..’ ‘I see the horizon, one line..’
Always one to capitalize on spontaneous improvised moments of creativity, the style in which this video was produced fits perfectly with Emika’s new album ‘DREI’ which she wrote, recorded and mixed herself.
‘Madiera is so beautiful, also quite terrifying, the dramatic unpredictable weather changes, the vast ocean, I felt so free and open there, I had to shoot as soon as I saw the ocean from my window.  With or without a film crew, today we have amazing technology on our phones, so why not capture the moment?’ – Emika
 The track ‘My Heart Bleeds Melody’ is taken from her new album ‘Drei’ which will be released on the 4th May (Star Wars b2b :-) ).
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