Engi ‘Transmute EP’

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Trapez 192Artist: Engi
Title: Transmute EP
Label: Trapez
Cat. #: Trapez 192
Release date Beatport: 11. August 2017
Release date iTunes/Finetunes: 25. August 2017
1. Transmute
2. Damascus
3. Medial Lateral Balance
4. Brick City
5. Fractal

New York based artist Engi has become famous with tracks such as “Bring It Down” and “The Gate”, he is considered a multi talent who covers genres from techno to minimal and has been successfully releasing that music for some time.

The EP opens up with “Transmute” a powerhouse of a production that creates substantial damage on the dance floor by keeping a nice balance of groove and sounds. A techno track that carries filtered noises as well as real hooky sequences and together they created a techno-non-stop feeling par excellence.

“Damascus” starts more slack and funky beat wise but moves into the genre of ‘brooding’ techno, dropping sounds haunting and deep with in a masterfully crafted way. Techno with a great sense of impeccable biorhythm.

“Medial Lateral Balance” is definitely more pounding but is equally strong in the beat programming but features some heavy processed chords that are summer loving and could go down well at the festivals this summer.

“Brick City” picks up the uplifting mood and creates a party zone in an industrial landscape!

The last track the EP “Fractal” embraces the night and the neon-lights, the moody spots and steers through all of them with sovereignty. That track brings together a lot of different influences skillfully.


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