Weltenwandler “Departure LP”

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Artist: Weltenwandler
Title: Departure LP
Label: Electrophil Records
Cat. #: ERP012
Format: Digital
Release Date: April 3rd 2013
1. Nightfall
2. The Storm
3. Butterfly Defect
4. Shinto
5. Citadel of Light
6. Quantum Leap
7. Limbo
8. The Black Forest
9. Departure
10. A Place Without Time

Falk Morawitz AKA Weltenwandler is a producer on the rise. His last offering, 2012’s ‘Gegen die Zeit’, offered listeners an intriguing snapshot into his precocious talents, while his debut LP, Departure, is another indication of a man with a penchant for scrupulously crafted, dexterous tones. Released on the Swiss based Electrophil imprint, it’s a production that encompasses multiple temperaments, with everything from ominous strands to bittersweet moments to melancholy hues all apparent.

The journey starts with ‘Nightfall‘, whereby the protagonist’s mood-setting capabilities are as prominent as ever. A true slice of atmospheric house music, it sets the albums stall out with sure fire aplomb, unfurling as it does amongst a backdrop of menace and suspense.

Such characteristics are prominent elsewhere too, with bassline-led anthems such as ‘Butterfly Defect‘, ‘Quantum Leap‘ and ‘Limbo‘ all accentuating Mr.Morawitz’s dancefloor credentials. Hyped, frantic and elegantly produced, all three boast the hallmarks of the archetypal ‘peak-time’ gem.

Meanwhile, both the title track and ‘Citadel of Light‘ hark toward decidedly drearier roads, with an abundance of eerie sounds among their foremost features.

Weltenwandler‘s skill for delicately striking the right balance between the dance floor and the home listener is similarly clear – and nowhere more so than on the Trentemoller-esque strands of ‘The Black Forest‘, the industrial emptiness of ‘The Storm‘ and the succulent, pitched-back, celestial strands of ‘A Place Without Time‘. Cerebral and thought provoking, the latter neatly encapsulates all that’s great about this multifaceted producer. And on this run of form, Weltenwandler isn’t departing for anywhere yet.

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