Daniele Iannacone “Best Off”

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erd012Artist: Daniele Iannacone
Title: Best Off
Label: Evasion Room Records
Cat. #: ERD012
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 27th 2014
1. 11 Bis (Original Mix)
2. Commotion (Original Mix)
3. No clip (Original Mix)
4. Old Building (Original Mix)
5. Dysphoria (Original Mix)
6. Prima di noi (Original Mix)
7. Valproic (Original Mix)
8. Hipokamp (Original Mix)
9. Malcom Will Never Die (Original Mix)

This is the first album on our label and we are proud of it. Daniele Iannacone is an italian producer and member of the Evasion Room Live crew. He wrote and produced all the tracks during several years, so it is born from his very personal life experience. The tracks are a complex mix of techno, detroit, progressive and acid. Textures, pads and sometimes a piano soften the hard grooves and the intense bass lines. You are going to enjoy Daniele Ianncone’s Best Off!


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