Marc Galindo “Toys EP”

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Artist: Marc Galindo
Title: Toys EP
Label: ElRow Music Label
Cat. #: ERM017
Format: Digital
Release Date: December 16th 2013
1. Floating Toys (Original Mix)
2. Squeaky Hammer (Original Mix)

Its been a little while but Marc Galindo is back with a new release for Elrow Music, a new EP called Toys EP, this time on his own. It includes 2 tech-house tracks, “Floating toy” is the cheeky one with a pure tech-house sound, surrounding pad, with voices that emphasize the groove and disappear, a trick of FX, and break that will get the dance floor hypnotized. “Squeaky Hammer” is a more obscure track, with incredible pad, beyond the grave voices and subtle percussions. Marc Galindo has been hard at work since we released the irresistible “I used to like” with De la swing & Pablo Luque.

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