pntmzk026_resizedArtist: Ethan Borshansky
Title: Pattern Patterns EP
Label: Pantamuzik
Remixers: Signal Deluxe, Ocelli
Cat. #: PNTMZK026
Format: Digital
Release Date: August 20th 2012

1. Farafield (Original Mix)
2. Kemomo (Original Mix)
3. Lowfield (Original Mix)
4. Pattern Patterns (Original Mix)
5. Pattern Patterns (Signal Deluxe Remix)
6. Pattern Patterns (Ocelli Remix)

Following his crafty Thoughtless Music debut Hold Tight, Ethan Borshansky brings yet another thoughtful release to the table with Pattern Patterns EP. Composed as a kind of latticework, the first four tracks alternate between minimalist tapestries and sensual dance floor grooves, all linked by certain raw elements – cello plucks, bell tolls, and wood strikes. Panta Muzik’s very own Signal Deluxe and Ocelli add their Mexican touch to the title track with two delightful remixes making for a uniquely soulful and mathematical experience.


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