Nvelope “Chords & Scapes”

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Artist: Nvelope
Title: Chords & Scapes
Label: Eintakt
Cat. #: ETRAUHLP01
Format: Digital
Release Date: April 11th 2013
01. Morone
02. Chord Work
03. Sequence Me
04. Transmission
05. Basement
06. Pitch OSC
07. Unimono
08. In The Middle Of
09. Tribute
10. Frequenzverkehr
11. Weltentransfer

Classic dubtechno consciousness meets digital attitudes on the first full length album from Berlin based Nvelope.
Combining ambient scapes and laid back rhythms on tracks like Frequenzverkehr & Weltentransfer but being aware of the honest clubfloor on tunes like Tribute, Morone & Sequence Me is somewhat style-forming for the whole album.
It’s all about the middle on Chords & Scapes – well known chords progressions and 909 drums meet futuristic effects and stabs all around – a harmonious blend for sure.
An album that fits both, club and couch, feeling certain about a very note put down here, feeling home.


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