Evirgen ‘Sky Is Bleeding’

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Artist: EvirgenTMP-014d
Title: Sky Is Bleeding
Remixer: Electric Indigo
Format: Digital
Label: TEMP~Records
Cat. #: TMP-014d
Release Date: February 10th, 2012
Distribution: Ordis
01. Evirgen — Sky Is Bleeding
02. Evirgen — Sky Is Bleeding — Electric Indigo Remix
03. Evirgen — Sky Is Bleeding Dub
04. Evirgen — Xujia
05. Evirgen — Ka

Sky Is Bleeding is Evirgen’s second EP after Totem. In the title track, the TEMP~Records resident artist gives free rein to his dark side. Gloomy synth pads and percussive elements overlaid with a lot of reverb and echoes – that constitute the Sky Is Bleeding Dub almost exclusively – produce an interaction typical for Evirgen: the abysmal suspense atmosphere of a horror movie meets his specific, inescapable drive that forces us onto the dance floor immediately. Electric Indigo delivers with the Sky Is Bleeding Remix her own interpretation of electronic Ska. Strongly shuffled rhythm elements, brought to life using crafty delays, the bass at the very bottom, and the characteristic chords let the saturnine original appear kinder, even if a bit peculiar. Overwhelming funk distinguishes the two stomping tracks Xujia and Kam. They clearly show that Evirgen is not only a composer and producer but also an exceptionally gifted DJ who rocks the clubs from Istanbul over Vienna and Barcelona to Berlin come hell or high water.


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