PoleGroup 025Artists: Exium
Title: A Sensible Alternative to Emotion Remixes EP
Remixers: Silent Servant, Jonas Kopp, Oscar Mulero, Tripeo
Label: PoleGroup
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Cat. #: PoleGroup 025
Release Date. July 14th (Vinyl), July 21 (Digital) 2014
Distribution: Triplevision
A1. The 12th Planet – Silent Servant remix
A2. Nucleoid – Jonas Kopp remix
B1. Massless Particle – Oscar Mulero remix
B2. Dronid – Tripeo vinyl edit remix

Tracklist digital
01. The 12th Planet – Silent Servant remix
02. Nucleoid – Jonas Kopp remix
03. Massless Particle – Oscar Mulero remix
04. Dronid – Tripeo digital edit remix
05. Massless particle – Oscar Mulero digital bonus remix 06. Parallel

Alternative to Emotion featuring reworks from Jonas Kopp, Silent Servant, Oscar Mulero and Tripeo. Four diffe- rent points of view about real techno, from analogue workouts to modern techno vibes, with extra remixes on the digital release.

Silent Servant is the first on duty, taking The 12th Planet as target, reverting it into an arpeggiated sythn mon- ster, hypnotic, repetitive, reverberated, a perfect abstract mixing tool.

Jonas Kopp uses subsonic warfare in his reconstruction, with a subterranean beat for starting that soon fills the space with an industrial beat and hi frequency drones…no jokes here.

Oscar Mulero gives two remixes from Massless Particle, one for each format, the vinyl one is about flanged syn- ths, clear kicks, a breathing beat and repetition as a therapy, subtle 808 claves and some hi frequency drones complete the menu. The second version is a more liquid approach to the previous one, lower tempos, more reverb and everything under a blurry fog that makes it mental and dubby.

Last guest is Tripeo the rising holland producer working two remixes too for Dronid and Parallel computing, Dro- nid shows the intrincate part of Tripeo’s mind, broken beats, sweeping ambient drones, synth bleeps and pads, an ideal intro track for serious techno sets. Parallel Computing suffers the Tripeo treatment at its best, with his raw beats, his crazy step sequences and his analogue bleeps, old school feeling and truly original point of view.




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