Exploit ‘Event Horizon LP’

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Artists: Exploit
Title: Event Horizon LP
Label: Mutex Recordings
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: MUXLP001
Release Date: November 4th 2013 (Vinyl), November 18th 2013 (Digital)
Distribution: Triple Vision
1. Farewell
2. Utopia
3. Departure
4. Plectron 2
5. Zero Gra
6. Time Slowdown
7. UFO
8. Diving Into Wormhole
9. Shifted Reality
10. Accretion
11. Visual Distortion
12. No Escape

First full length album by Exploit combines punchy techno grooves and mature melodic electronic passages. You are taken on a real deep space journey:

from strict techno in Utopia and UFO, through dubby chords of Time Slowdown and Visual Distorion, to electronic works like Shifted Reality and No Escape.



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