Ezequiel Esley ‘Modular Depth EP’

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amamextra_023_1500Artist: Ezequiel Esley
Title: Modular Depth EP
Label: AMAM
Cat. #:  amamextra023
Format: wav / mp3
Release Date: 13 January 2014
X1. Solid State
X2. 3 33 am
X3. Modular Depth
X4. Reverse

DJ/producer Ezequiel Esley has made a name for himself in his native Argentina and even over in Germany—he released an EP for Berlin’s Lebensfreude Records a couple years back. But “Eze” been relatively quiet since then, so now Alessio Mereu is getting him back on track and also making sure that Señor Esley finds a wider audience. Modular Depth is his first EP for AMAM, featuring four throbbing tech-house jams spread over 30 minutes.

“Solid State” sets the sinister tone, with an energetic percussive pattern, somewhere between jacking house and breakbeat. Flying synthetic melodies and winding metallic storms vie for your attention, coming in and out of focus for a continuous sense of movement. Then “3 33 am” introduces a swingy feel for late night moments, pulling together different sonic references like the lo-fi plinks of Super Mario World and the bouncy, pitch-shifted vocals of Yello.

On the EP’s second half, we experience the reptilian and smoke-breathing title track, “Modular Depth”, the aural equivalent of dissecting and reverse-engineering a robot dragon at a medieval rave. Finally, “Reverse” brings the most guts and gore heard yet, a growling beast with a twisted bassline, unnerving buzzes and unbridled chords stabbing the atmosphere, making your hair stand on end and your feet smile.


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