F.E.X. ‘2.0’

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RobotLP01_F.E.X._2.0_CoverArtWorkWebArtists: F.E.X.
Title: 2.0
Label: Robotronic Recordings
Format: Digital
Cat. #: Robot LP01
Release Date: November 3rd, 2014 Distribution. Beatport
01. Intro 2.0
02. Spirit Catcher Feat. Möggli
03. Everyday
04. Purewax
05. Acidlova
06. Ypsilanti
07. Luvlove
08. This is Rob (otronic mix)
09. 808303
10. Manifesto Feat. VW
11. Akawa
12. Melojon
13. Outro 2.0

It’s in the early nineties, when Farid received from his oncle based in Ypsilanti (State of Michigan near Detroit) some mix-tapes with house and techno music.
Naturally he begins to play as a dj in clubs since 1994. We know his productions on several labels such as Systema- tic, Dessous, Pokerflat, Safari numerique, and many more…
Möggli already known for her great vocals on many great tracks include Shlomi Aber’s Foolish Game, or Marc Romboy’s The Trigger…
She brings a positive words about the future.
Manifesto is the second vocal track with a electro break rythm.
All the others tracks are instrumentals, deeper or harder but made for the dancefloor.
This album is a celebration of 20 years of love for this music, with echoes, reverbs, nice drums 909, 808, Acid 303 with respect and integrity.


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