Fabio Effe Interview

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Hey Fabio, hope all’s well and you’d a nice 2013. What were the highlights for you?
The last year was very important for my work because I worked with many new labels and above all with the Ssoh label and Claude monnet about my new track ” pump”. it was a good experience with a lot of satisfactions also for some references from famous dj’s as:Robert Owens,Dixon,Ray Okpara and many more.

So did you make any new years resolutions then? What are they?
I have a lot of ideas for this new year but i would like to continue producing old school tracks that i like very much

 Tell me a bit about making music. How long ago did you start? Was it something you wanted to do for a long time?
I started to approach to music since the age of 5 years old with the study of drum that I never left. In 2001 I started listening house music specially Claudio Coccoluto, Frunckie Knuckles, Louie vega, Tony Humphries and others. when in 2007 I received my first consolle I decided to became a dj and I wanted to create something very personal and innovative including the sound of my drums. Since 2008 I became also a producer and I received a lot of rewards from important labels as  The Box -Datagroove-Bugs n’Stuff -Ssoh. Currently  I’m engaged in a new musical research about sounds of percussion and rhythm house old school.

 Are there many producers you look up to then? Who’s had the biggest influence on your sound over the years?
In my opinion the best producers are, Ricardo Villalobos,loco dice,the martinez brothers,Seth troxler… who have a great impact on my work and are inspiration for new ideas.

 You’re from just outside of Rome, right? Do you get in to the city much to go clubbing? What’s the scene like there?
I’m from Gaeta a small city near rome, a lot  of people in this zone consider rome as an important centre for the musical events. generally in rome there are many important festival with international guests and “big artists”, but the level is not comparable with the situation in the rest of Europe where the festivals receive more attention for as that regard the duration, the line up and the sound system…

 Italians seem really obsessed with house and techno music. What is it that you think they so love?
Yes your opinion is correct, the italians seems really obsessed by techno and house music, I think that this situation is mainly due to the fact that teenagers follow the music as a fashion or a style, rahter than for the real interest in front of this genre, the 70% of italian teens go to techno festival aboveall to have a fun and to research something different from the daily routine. I think that this phenomen can be explained as a social phenomenon of masse rather than as the result of a real musical culture about techno in italy.

Now, I have to ask about your release on SSOH. Would you say the Pump EP is a fair portrayal of your sound?
When I started to work on pump my idea was to create something innovative but in the respect of my typical style, so pump is characterized by old school sound mixed with the use of percussion tools and the use of vocal sample to make the track more energic and to give the impression of a fast time.I thinks that pump is one of the most representative track of my style.

You’re trained in drums too. It’s definitely something that shines through on ”Pump”, isn’t it?
the use of drums is one of the particularity of my tracks, so I used drums also in pump because of the analog sound of this instrument.

Do you value percussion over melody then? Or a bit of both?
My interest in front of the drums and melody is the same, but generally I start to work with the drums and after I accord the others sounds for the track.

What are you working on right now that we should look forward to? What else is keeping you excited?
For the future I would like to compare with new sonorities and new instruments to create an innovative thing, in accord with the request from some labels, at the same time  I continue test myself with house music.

Words by: James Hoskins



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