Fabio Gianelli ‘1986’

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Artist: Fabio Gianellimd04
Title: 1986
Label: Maison D’etre
Cat. #: Mde004
Release Date: 24-09-12
Land of Dreams
No Sun

Fabio Giannelli was the first artist to kick off the Maison D’être sound in June of last year and has nothing but success since. This year he returns to the fold after some adventures with Get Physical and Kindisch. Since there is no one who remotely sounds like him it is easy to fall in love with his harmonic consonance. Here we present his second release on Maison D’être, the 1986 EP.
“He seems to have saved the good stuff for us! lol, : ) Everything Fabio does, reeks of quality, from arrangement to mix down, this Italian dude is on fire!” says label owner Anthony Middleton.

Following his recent success, “Let the Spirit Sing”, Giannelli continues with another summer slammer with the lead track, 1986. All of the tracks are equally solid; in fact there is a track for every mood.

“Land of Dreams” is the perfect name for this track. The chunky bass and whip like pulses teleport you into a land of discovery and bliss. Winding up and down, this track takes you on a true melodic journey.
The track “Moments” on the other hand has a deeper cadence. The use of drums, chimes, and deep vocals make for a song that has the right amount of everything.

“No Sun” winds up with bouncy tempo that leads to a spirited upbeat jazzy tune with horns and drums. The faint sounds of lyrics in the background add a thought-provoking dimension to the EP.

The 1986 EP is a perfect example of a musical journey. Four tracks of pure pep accompanied by steady tempos and drums. Needless to say, we hope your neighbors like this EP because it is one that you will want to play on full blast.


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