Fabio Scalabroni ‘Look Beyond EP’

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Artist: Fabio ScalabroniBIO001
Title: Look Beyond EP
Label: Biorecordings
Cat.N: BIO001V
Format: 12″ VINYL
Release: 15 March 2012

A1 – Fabio Scalabroni – Look Beyond (Original Mix)
A2 – Fabio Scalabroni – Look Beyond (Gr-oy Remix)
B1 – Fabio Scalabroni – Look Beyond (Giulio Maresca Remix)
B2 – Fabio Scalabroni – Look Beyond (Zzzzra Remix)

The Biorecordings born in 2011 from an idea by Fabio Scalabroni, Italian DJ and producer. Already has several releases out with pseudonyms AMbit3, Bitbucket, Hologram, Cogor etc. He prefers and loves electronic music: ambient, deep, techno, idm and dubtechno. This label was created to give quality to his musical roots ..dub / techno / Detroit.

“Biorecordings: the life of something that passes through the heart!”

Long horizons and distant landscapes… the hidden corners of his personality …. journeys where the mind can see everything.

After three fantastic releases in digital format, Biorecordings is shown in the preferred format: vinyl.
Here Fabio shows an original track with the classic atmosphere that he knows how to propose. One track of pure dub techno. A visionary trip where you close your eyes and move your body to infinity.
Three different remixes signed by underground artists who know very well their sound source. Gr-oy plays the track by focusing on a rhythm that rides on the atmosphere turned into deep hypnosis. Giulio Maresca creates a much more acidic version, but never leaving the atmosphere of the original track. Zzzzra enters the deepest roots of dub, echoes and chord fills every space.


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