Fabo Interview

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– Was Brazil a good place to experience electronic music as a teenager? What were your first experiences of it all?
Yes it was actually. The first time I experience it was when I went to Tribal-tech, a festival organized by the same people who own the Club Vibe in Cu-ritiba, and that was my first experience on electronic music as a teenager. From there I went to the clubs and it was a natural path and yes, here I am now!

– Do you think it’s better or worse than it used to be there for house music these days? Or just different?
I think it’s just different, because the scene here is smaller than in Europe and other places. So we have less access to new artists and shows, but it means you have to really pick the parties you attend and keep your ear to the ground for what’s up.

– So where are the best clubs to go to if we’re visiting then?
I’d recommend Warung for one. It’s in front of the beach in Itajaí, and is a very nice place with an electric atmosphere. Here in Curitiba we have Club Vibe, which is smaller and more intimate.

– Have you ever considered moving abroad? Are you just as motivated and inspired as you’ve ever been within the Brazilian scene?
Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it a lot as I’m curious for new experiences, but I’m still motivated to stay here for the moment.

– Are there ever times were you struggle for inspiration then? What do you do in those instances?
I try to do things that make me stop to think about music, like read a book or go to cinema, play a game etc. Anything to just take my mind off it for a bit.

– What do you consider your proudest moment as a producer to date?
I don’t know if I’ve had that moment yet. I guess I’m still working towards it really.

– And aside from yourself, what other Brazilian DJs should we be looking out for?
I think you should check Dake – he has been making some nice beats re-cently, for sure.

– Do you go out clubbing much these days? Who was the last DJ/producer to really impress you in that regard?
Yeah, I’ve been to some great parties recently. I went to Berghain last year and I had a chance to see their resident DJ, Marcel Dettmann. I was really impressed by him and Berghain didn’t disappoint either.

– What constitutes success for you as a producer? Who influences your work the most?
Success for me is doing something that makes me happy. If the people can feel the same then great. My mood and the weather is what influences my work the most.

– Did the EP end up as you hoped it would? Or do you generally go off on tangents when you’re producing?
This was a good one, but usually when I listen the track after I ‘finish’ it, I think it’s missing some detail that I could have done better. That’s a producer’s is-sue; it feels like it’s never really done.

– Are you very picky about where your music gets signed to? Is it impor-tant that the label has a similar ethos to yourself?
I’m not very picky but I think it’s important, because this is the way that you do the first direction for your track. If you start with the wrong way, all will go wrong, so it’s important that the track is in the right place, it’s not about “big labels”- just a label similar with your music style to reach the right people.

– If you could produce on one other label and with one other producer, what would they be and why?
I think the Kompakt label, and the producer Roman Fluegel because I like a lot his productions and I would learn a lot with him.

– What’s next for you that you’re particularly excited about?
My new release on Great Stuff – Washed, and a new one I’m working now to be released in June on Playperview.

– If you were stuck on a desert island, what would you bring?
Maybe a knife to cut and hunt!

– And what albums will you bring?
My Joy Division collection

– And what are you most excited for about 2015?
To produce new tracks and projects. I want to study more music theory, and mastering techniques too.

Interview by Ian Fleming

Fabo’s Washed EP is out soon on Great Stuff


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