Defected presents “FCL In The House”

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Artists: VariousFCL In The House 1500x1500
Title: FCL In The House
Presenter: Defected
Mixed by: FCL (San Soda, Red D)
Label: Defected Records
Formats: 2 x CDs, digital, vinyl sampler
Release Date: January 25th 2014

San Soda and Red D, the members of FCL duo, are going to make their debut on Defected Records with two mixes, “FCL In The House” will be published on 2 CDs, vinyl sampler and digital formats.
The first mix made by Red D shows his interest for old and retro tracks that make the fundamentals of modern house music: these very good tunes create a unique atmosphere and a distinctive sensation, because of the essential nature of the tracks. In the 20 minutes of the recording we can appreciate a more recent kind of sound and a noticeable elements complexity in the various songs.
San Soda recorded the second mix, which is characterized by groovy house styles: we can found vocal house, tribal, funky, but always with an eye keep to dancefloor oriented old school stuff.

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CD1: Live Mix (Red D)  
01. Bob Moses – All I Want
02. Kai Alcé – Shut Your Eyes
03. San Soda – Kaizen
04. Paul Hannah – Key Follow
05. Credit 00 – Obsessed
06. Jacob Korn – Der Don
07. North Lake – Griswold
08. Vince Watson – Mystical Rhythm (Original Mix)
09. Anthony Teasdale feat. Omid 16B – She Frowned He Smiled
10. Tomas – Mind Song
11. B-Code – Feel Good (Verlanzi Dub)
12. Mudhen – Private Sexratery
13. Jump Chico Slamm – Feel Free
14. Lemakuhlar & Red D – Is Essit
15. Bushwacka! – Healer (House Mix)
16. FCL feat. Lady Linn – Can We Try

CD2: Studio Mix (San Soda)  
01. Larry Heard – Burning 4 You
02. Norken & Deer feat. Kayela – Shoot The Sun (Russ Gabriel Remix)
03. Boe & Zak – Looking For Love
04. JohNick – C’Mon Give It Up
05. Mousse T. – Ooh Song
06. Sandman & Riverside feat. Jeremy Ellis – Into Your Story (Kai Alcé DISTINCTIVE Remix)
07. Stacy Kidd feat. Peven Everett – How Bad I Want Ya (Radio Mix)
08. Underground Attorney – Nothing Stays (The Underground Mix)
09. San Soda – Birdies That Fly
10. Seven Davis Jr. – One (Live Edit)
11. The Track Addicts – A Place Not 2 Far
12. Audiojack feat. Kevin Knapp – Stay Glued (FCL Weemix)
13. FCL – Behold (ITH Mix)


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