Federico Amoroso announces the new techno label Skarn Division

The new label started well: arriving the big names of the genre and industrial noise

The artist Federico Amoroso has just made official the arrival of his label: “Skarn Division”. A new label that will touch many different genres and musical nuances: techno, industrial, noise, drone, ambient and experimental, a melting pot of sounds joined together by a passion for harsh corners and futuristic electronics. Artists who will remix the first disc of the founder Federico Amoroso will be Positive Centre (who played several times in places like Berghain and Tresor), Plukkk and Yuuki Sakai: every producer knows that long in the field of industrial techno and noise music (just look, to name one, the presence of the same Positive Centre to the latest editions of the Berlin Atonal festival, or even Yuuki Sakai: remixed by the divine Oscar Mulero .. and so on!). It’s a label that already from the first output proves to have interesting ambitions to fit on foot of a scene for many years now is giving great satisfaction to many (see Stroboscopic Artefacts, for one thing). Soon they will also know the next 4 artists who will participate in the remix always this first release, so stay tuned! Oh, I forgot: the label will be released exclusively on vinyl. You could doubt it?




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