Federico Grazzini Interview

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Hi Federico and welcome to Different Grooves!
Hi everybody, happy to be here.
Your boundaries with your own country are more and more solid: tell us something about you work with Claque Musique and Carola Pisaturo?
There is more than a reason that makes me happy to work with Claque Musique, it’s not only the respect I have for the history of the label. There is a deeply rooted friendship with Carola, Andrea and all the people involved on the project, we all have the same strong passion for music, animals, classic studio tools and simple things. It’s important to have good feelings with the people around you, whatever you do.
You are confirmed as one of the resident DJs of Unusual Suspects in Ibiza — how did you first get involved with the brand?
That’s a funny story, I met Marco few years ago in the end of the summer, and while he was explaining me his ambitious project, that was unusually starting on the island during the winter, I was thinking “he is crazy”. But.. i like crazy people and I said: If you really think that your idea is right, and you believe on it so strongly, let’s do it! It’s all started with an hand shake between us, and we are still having fun every day more.
What can we expect from yourself and Unusual Suspects this season?
Fireworks :) That’s what I hope, we worked hard for grow up, and this season is important to confirm what we did till now, I got great feedback from the dance floor every time, it keeps me alive and push me to make it better and better
Where are your favourite spots in Ibiza outside of clubbing? Beaches / to eat / bars, etc?
Sunset in Cala Conta is breathtaking, ham in bar Can Costa in Santa Gertrudis, the great pizzas by my friends in Dolcevite and Metropizza, and some other secret spots i love, but i’m not gonna tell anybody, i want to keep them quiet for the long summer :)
Federico Grazzini in the next 6 months: please reveal to us your next releases, and gigs you are really looking forward to?
“Owl” will be out on Claque Musique in the next days, and i’m already at work on another EP for Claque to release after the summer. Then a remix i love of a track from the last album of Fuckthegovernment on the french label Skylax, and some more stuff for my own Ubuntu rec.
Regarding the gigs, i’m really happy about the party where i’m actually playing, and excited for the amazing place I’ll visit this summer, if I have tell something about one of them… i’m very curious about the venue of the party in Paris where i’ll play on July 22nd, Initials at La Plage du Glazart, an unbelievable stage on a beach on the river Seine.
Grazie Federico, was a pleasure spending quality time with you!

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