Felipe Gordon ‘Jambalaya’

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Artist: Felipe Gordon
Title: Jambalaya
Label: Forbidden Cuts
Cat. #: FC005
Release Date: 23.02.2018
1. Run Run Run
2. Jambalaya
3. I’m Mr Sen?or Love Daddy

Discotexas sub-label Forbidden Cuts welcome back Columbian producer Felipe Gordon for his second EP.

Based in Bogota?, this esteemed producer and DJ has been making a name for himself with releases on his own label No?mada Records, as well as Toy Tonics, Waze & Odyssey’s Street Tracks, Seb Wildblood’s imprint Church and many more. He has a lo-fi, jazzy house sound filled with feeling and good vibes and here shows off his ability to lay down loose grooves once more.

Brilliantly smooth opener ‘Run Run Run’ is a track full of warmth and feel good funkiness with trilling and modulating Rhodes harmonies, squelchy synths and bumping drums all getting you going.

The more drunken, hip hop influenced ‘Jambalaya’ is a perfectly stripped back but jazzy track with lush Rhodes, samples and a wonky acid bassline that will make you jump to the dance floor.

Last but not least, the magical ’I’m Mr Sen?or Love Daddy’ is the perfect track to wake you up. Yet more loose and playful Rhodes and summery harmonies rain down this one as a heavy driving bass line and hip swinging claps all get you moving.

This is a timeless EP of perfectly loved-up and cosy house music.


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