Fer BR ‘Jungle Life EP’

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Artist: Fer BR
Title: Jungle Life EP
Label: Waveform Recordings
Cat. #: WAV012
Release Date: 21st Jan 2013 
1. Can You Hear It

2. New Life
3. So Good
4. To The Jungle

Waveform Recordings kick off 2013 with the ‘Jungle Life’ EP by Spanish producer Fer BR.

Fer BR developed an infatuation with Techno at the turn of the millennium and has gone on to develop an undeniable talent for producing deep, energetic grooves full of warmth and elegance. Here Fer joins the Waveform Recordings roster alongside the likes of Alex Piccini, The Junkies and Leon.

The release opens with ‘Can You Hear It’, a heady, hypnotic, drum-led groove with an ever-evolving feel. Weighty shuffling drums lead the way with shifting variations in the pattern and subtle additional elements being worked in to fuel its energetic movement. Fer then applies heavy manipulation and automation touches in the latter stages to the vocal lines making them brilliantly meander around the hooky structure.

Next up is ‘New Life’, another percussive workout embracing a similar stripped-back, low-slung aesthetic. Sparse drum elements and sporadic murmuring vocals make up the track and the Spaniard once again employs an amalgamation of background automation to create hidden depths and atmospheres, somewhat building the bigger picture subtly.

‘So Good’ follows here, a sub-heavy, rolling cut designed for peak-time dance floors. Crunchy 909 drums run alongside a bulbous bass-line as drawn out delays and cavernous reverb tails develop a cloudy atmosphere that inflames the intensity of the track.

To close the release Fer BR turns in ‘To The Jungle’, a dark, trippy track with loopy, direct drums and a bubbling synth line that’s drawn out for its seven and half minute duration, resulting in a bumping peak- time heavy hitter.



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