Filippo Vicario ‘Keine EP’

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Artist: Filippo Vicario
Title: Keine EP
Label: Indepth Music
Cat. #: IDM019
Release Date: 30th May, 2013
01 Keine (Original Mix)
02 Keine (Derek Plaslaiko Remix)
03 Kajazz (Original Mix)
04 Music Can (Original Mix)

Returning once again to Indepth Music, diamond producer Filippo Vicario supplies sultry deep soundscapes for the 19th release in the imprint’s catalog. Deep, and groovy vibes fill the four track package that is the Keine EP. Keeping in line with similar sounds the label has been known for since the very beginning, much of its success thrives on its ability to sustain its unique sound while nurturing some of the freshest faces in the scene today. With hypnotic originals from the Italian talent Vicario and a stunning remix from Panorama Bar’s Derek Plaslaiko, the EP packs a powerful punch of upfront techno beats and harmonies.

Unwrapping the first track with devastating groove, hypnotic keys and vocal hooks, a great dynamic is portrayed as slick effects and serious depth lay on thick ambience. Intelligent delays and reverb give the track a more spacious feel as it builds and drops over and over. The well known Panorama regular Derek Plaslaiko brings on the Berlin charm with ten minutes of dark and tremendously bassy techno. A trip for the senses, his mix brings the listener’s mind from wherever they are and transforms their environment into a 6am roaring Berghain dancefloor. Absolutely one for the techno diehard, Derek’s remix more than pleases the high energy dancefloor. Stepping out of the dark and bringing a sound more synonymous with house, Kajazz releases all of Vicario’s new school house sounds into an immediately grooving and innovative track. Relaying sustaining effects and shorter hits of filtered piano and bass, Kajazz is one to trigger the energy of the early crowd’s dancing feet.

Closing out the release, Music Can brings a hard shaped flow of warm chords and powerful tech house sounds. Taking listeners to the most remote place in their imaginations, its complimenting elements of deep and hypnotic melodies create a shimmering atmosphere of beautiful chaos. Already with 13 years of DJ experience under his belt alongside other music projects that have received wide praise and acclaim, Vicario’s work continues to flourish and change the scope of deeper sounds in the global scene. The Keine EP proves again his talented ear and points to the future successes of the Indepth imprint.

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