Filterwolf ‘Viva La Rave’

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Artist: FilterwolfFil027
Title: Viva La Rave
Release Date: 16.11.2012
Format: Vinyl/Cd/Digital
Label: Filigran

Cat. #: FIL027
Distribution: Straight Distribution/Nova Md/Dig Dis
1. No Gravity
2. Zeros And Ones
3. Brooklyn Via Montmartre
4. Olympia
5. Pon De Leo
6. Iguana
7. Use To Dream
8. Luna
9. Metro Breath
10. Shangri-La Ballet
11. Indigo Summer
12. Glamorama

With his constantly evolving sonic identity and ever increasing output quality, it is no wonder that Filterwolf’s new album has been eagerly anticipated by club-goers, home-listeners and aficionados thirsty for unique and original sound in their headphones.

His third album derives its name from political revolutions engulfing entire world, as well as musical direction with which the personal creative revolution of Filterwolf had started. “Viva la Rave” is surely his most immediate and sensual record to date. Filterwolf wanders across outer edges of house and techno realm on this album, scoping out where boundaries have been erected and looking beyond them to aural vistas previously uncharted.

Across the twelve tracks of “Viva La Rave”, he takes us on an intense, supreme journey. His magnificent production finesse displays in a smashing tour de force, showing off his natural understanding of the dance floor. This raw sound energy will inevitably keep crowds moving in the coming months and years. Tracks like “No Gravity” or “Pon De Leo” sway in persistent and deeply rhythmical motion, conveying beautiful imagery painted with Filterwolf’s hypnotic brush strokes. Others tracks, such as “Iguana”, “Olympia” and “Zeros And Ones” draw us into awesome acoustic tapestries with gorgeous melodies and sprawling, synth- and sample-heavy effervescence of sound.

Sonic hallmarks of Filterwolf’s style are edgy and euphoric resonances, which make this longplayer sound full of lust for life and bursting with verve. “Viva La Rave” sets out to further extend the limits of house and techno genre and situates itself where electronic music deviates from expectations. The result is deep, vivacious and ultimately, something new.


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