Fluxion ‘Vibrant Forms II LP’

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SUBWAXFXD002_Cover_Artwork_WebArtist: Fluxion
Title: Vibrant Forms II LP
Label: Subwax Bcn
Format: Vinyl, CD and Digital
Cat. #: SUBWAXFXD002 (Digital), SUBWAXFX002 (Physical)
Release Date: February 29th, 2016
Distribution: Subwax Distribution (Physical), Word and Sound / What People Play (Digital)

Tracklist CD1
01. Prospect I
02. Prospect II
03. Oblique
04. Exposure
05. Circa
06. Equilibrium
07. Enhancement
08. Outerside
09. Subliminal Tone

Tracklist CD2
01. Aviation
02. Bipolar Defect
03. Multidirectional I
04. Bilateral Motion
05. Friction Pulse
06. Omnibus
07. Stream I
08. Stream II
09. Interlock
10. Multidirectional II

Widely considered one of the hallmarks of dub-infused electronic music, as well as an endless resource of inspira- tion and awe for generations of electronic music artists and enthusiasts, Vibrant Forms II by Fluxion is now being reissued by Subwax Bcn. Originally released on Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald‘s revered Chain Reaction label in 2000, the many calls for a reissue of this cavernous masterpiece has nally been answered by the Bar-
celona imprint.
Fluxion‘s Vibrant Forms II was his second album on Chain Reaction and it successfully managed to broaden the space and the environment of the compositions, as well as develop further his technique of textural sonic blend.
Keep that in mind when you enter Prospect 1 – the rst gateway into his deep universe: Waves crashing languidly on a foggy beach early in the morning. These visions of fog, rising steam or thick mist are archetypical for Chain Reaction and Fluxion and they will haunt the avid listener throughout the Vibrant Forms II experience. Sometimes these visions will take the form of the dream-inducing haze lling the air in dark opium dens. Other times there will be heaps of white summer clouds on the back of the listeners eyelids, slowly being ripped apart by cool gusts of wind. But there‘s more to Fluxion‘s music than these soothing elements. The pulse of the City is omnipresent: The sounds of organic lifeforms surging the streets like a thick, humanoid liquid; owing, mixing, dissolving… But also the steady thumps, beats and clicks from the city itself; the machines, the vehicles, the mechanical hearts.
On the one hand: Moisture, warmth. On the other: Structure, logic and aging concrete. This rare combination of hot and heavily sedated soundscapes with elements of chilling clarity and clinical precision makes Vibrant Forms II an immortal compilation. And that makes Subwax Bcn‘s decision to reissue it an act of cultural achievement. Vibrant Forms II comes with new mastering, new artwork and will be released simultaneously on different for- mats. Additionally EP Outerside containing material that has never been released on vinyl before, and none of this material has been released as a DDL before.
Vibrant Forms II (2xCD, DDL) all material as the original Bipolar Deffect (2xLP, DDL) all material as the original Prospect (EP Vinyl, DDL) all material as the original Outerside (EP Vinyl, DDL) never before on vinyl
Fluxion‘s VF II long awaited re-issue will soon be followed by new material and a 2016 Vibrant Forms tour.


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