The second part of Kas:st’s “Dysphoria I Euphoria” is going to appear soon in the stores, this release is another journey into atmospheric and club oriented techno: the four original mixes keep the underground vibe and the research for unique sounds is still active, a particular focus is given to all the instruments that create ambiance in the various productions.
AWB, Seatoc Mass, Luke Hess and Anetha appear as remixers, giving valid and personal interpretation of the main themes. As happened in the first chapter, the package features three digital only bonus tracks.

Flyance Records – March 27th 2017
Origin (Digital Only)
A1. 55:55
A2. 66:66
B1. 77:77
B2. 88:88
Emotional Progress (Digital Only)
A1. 55:55 (AWB remix)
A2. 66:66 (Setaoc Mass remix)
B1. 77:77 (Luke Hess remix)
B2. 88:88 (Anetha remix)
Kas:st – At The End Comes The Chaos (Digital Only)

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