Fractious ‘Fast Lane’

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lr032Artist: Fractious
Title: Fast Lane
Label: Loose Records
Cat. #: LR032
Release Date: May 2014

Fractious–the alias of UK-based artist Stephen Garrett–has gained immense recognition as not just the co-founder of Dynamo Recordings but as an electronic composer as well. A master of groove-based techno, Fractious flirts with unusual effects and circular loops providing not just great, original beats, but tracks that internationally renown techno artists have remixed, most notably Luigi Madonna.

“Fast Lane” starts with a deep beat that morphs into a higher note. Bringing in the hi hats, then adding an off-beat clap, that initial beat then flirts with a faint rattle giving the sensation of speeding on a freeway. The experimental bowl sounds that merge into the melody are almost alien in nature, perhaps in tribute to some of the unknown mysteries in the world such as in Albuquerque. The track could easily be remixed to incorporate vocals and might draw attention as a sound track for an independent speculative thriller.

“Inspired by Azibi” is a funky, groove track that almost plays with old school jungle music. There are drop-like sounds that are similar to a calypso xylophone that join the drum track right from the get-go. The loops build upon each other so the song continues to excite and surprise the listener up until it’s very satisfying ending. As the track progresses, there are a lot of bizarre sounds that would make the track ideal for video game developers, especially for action-strategy games with several timed stages.


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