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Hi Stephen, welcome to the 5 shoot interview for !
1. 2014 seems a good year for you: an album on Trapez and strong releases on labels such as Gem Recordings, Harthouse and of course on your own Dynamo. How do you feel about that?
I’m really happy the way things are going this year, it was great to have another release on Trapez, Riley and his wife are really nice people and its always a pleasure working for them, plus I always can find great remixers for my Trapez releases which is cool to work with them guys.  Gem Records has been a label I have respected and I have wanted to release on for years, so to finally get the opportunity was great!  My label Dynamo Recordings I run with Ronan Teague has went from strength to strength. In just under 2 years we have seen the likes of Stacey Pullen, Cristian Varela, Cari Lekebusch supporting tracks in their sets and lately big support from Richie Hawtin who has played something from Dynamo in every set for the last 2 months, and just this weekend he used a track on his official Minus Weekend Tour – April ’14 Promo Video.  Its great seeing all these guys who have been big influences to me supporting my work and the guys I have signed to the label.

2. Can you tell us a little about your past and present influences, and how you got into techno?
Early influences would have came from electronic bands like New Order and Depeche Mode and then going to clubs such as Lush! In Portrush which was mostly progressive house music, then when I started University and moved to Belfast, I went to the techno club Shine, opening my eyes to this sound seeing the likes of Richie Hawtin, Underground Resistance, DJ Rush, Carl Cox, Dave Clarke, Slam, Mr.C, Phil Kieran….. the list goes on and it was then I knew techno was my sound of choice and every DJ I seen shaped my musical mind and eventually got me into production.  I became a Shine resident under my Miniminds alias (with Gary Dickenson aka Garrillo Dansek) and also at their sister club Stiff Kitten where I had the opportunity to support acts such as Adam Beyer, Len Faki, Mauro Picotto, Umek, Oliver Huntemann, Josh Wink, Mauro Picotto, Chris Liebing to name a few. I would have been mainly into minimal techno and a tougher techno, but always enjoyed big techno grooves loving the Italian Neapolitan sound, following guys like Luigi Madonna, Markantonio, Uto Karem, Rino Cerone, Joseph Capriati, Flavio Diaz, having a big influence on my solo alias Fractious.

3. Recently “Fast Lane” has been released on Loose Records. How did you get in touch with the label?
Its a strange story, I was asked by TheYellowHeads to do a remix for them and I agreed as I was liking the stuff they were doing.  So done the remix not knowing what label it was going to end up on, and I got a reply saying they had signed the EP to Loose Records.  This was great news as I have been a fan of Loose from the start and have always wanted to work with them.  After the remix I sent them more demos and they signed up 2 original EPs straight away.

4. The first track “Fast Lane” is a solid loopy techno track and the second titled “Inspired by Azibi” sounds smooth and warm. Am I wrong or these two tracks sound quite different than your usual style?
‘Fast Lane’ would be a bit more tougher than my usual style, but I do occasionally like to explore this, it also depends on the mood I am in when writing a track.  As for ‘Inspired by Azibi’, I felt like making something with a slower groove and heavily focussed on the percussion elements and this was inspired by a trip to Ibiza last summer.  Personally I feel it is good to explore different styles of techno and I like to make my tracks unique, but keeping a focus on the groove and also making something I can play in my DJ sets to fit different times of the night.

5. Is anything new forthcoming in the next months that you want to tell us about?
I have a busy release schedule coming up over the next few months with 2 collab releases on Pornographic Records    with D-Deck and also Sergio Pardo, a Dynamo release with my label partner Ronan Teague with remixes from Dani Sbert, Alen Milivojevic and The Yellowheads, another Loose release with a remix from Johnny Kaos, an EP on Monique Musique, and remixes for Stefano Pini on Frequenza and J&S Project on Beat Therapy. On Dynamo Recordings we have tracks coming from Peppelino, Darkrow, The Lion Brothers, Unique (CRO), Sisko Electrofanatik, Lerio Corrado, Dela, Carlos Beltran, Kleber and more so it should be a good summer.

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Your welcome, it was a pleasure doing this interview and thanks for having me featured on Different Grooves and given the opportunity to do a podcast for you. I have been listening to your podcast for a while now and its great to finally be on board.  Any readers can check out my music, gigs, info etc at and my label at and

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