Frag Maddin Interview

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– You used to play punk rock in a band. How do you reckon your eclecticism has benefitted you in electronic music?
Punk Rock hasn’t benefitted me in terms of electronic music. There is only one thing this genre has contributed to my music. The power of simplicity.

– Do you reckon too many contemporary producers are too narrow-minded musically?
Unfortunately yes. For some people it’s always a question of money if you act like a chameleon or not. And if you want to be a big part of functional music you need to limit horizon.

– What’s the biggest musical lesson you can draw on from your punk-rock days?
To create energy with only a few musical elements.

– And when did you become fascinated with electronic music? When did you realize there was no turning back?
When I was 16 I started hearing “chk chk chk (!!!)”. A fucking great band who makes club music with wicked musicians. Them and many other bands have started doing club music with more and more electronic elements. That energy really appealed to me.

– You’ve even played with the likes of Omar S recently and Robosonic. How were those gigs?
It was wicked man ! Screaming, sweating, fucking, drinking, smoking and laughing people.

– Is it generally a pretty exciting time to be Frag Maddin right now?
Who the fuck is Frag Maddin?

– So do you set yourself goals as a musician? Where are you now in terms of where you’d like to be?  
There was a time I thought about big goals. But in the end I’m doing music for my personal relief and that is my biggest goal to keep that feeling.

– Where did you grow up in Germany? Was it a cool place for music?
I grew up in Hamburg. And fuck yes, this city had the biggest influence on my taste.

– At what stage did you start taking music seriously?
Since I discovered music for myself. The seriousness is shown in my incentive to create music I like.

– So do you remember your early record collection? What was it like?
By the age of 7 I started playing drums and found a band with my best friend. His older brother gave us music from Nirvana, Green Day, Goldfinger, Body Count, Cypress Hill, A tribe called Quest and many other wicked records. We both had pretty luck to have some one who formed our musical taste so early.

– We have to mention your EP on Definition: Music. They always feature great new artists – did you immediately know it was the place for you?
Yes because I liked their concept of “no demos needed, you will be found”.

– And the 4 tracks on show – how typical are they of your current sound?
These songs are actually my temporary productions. I never phase out an EP so quickly. I was quite surprised and happy at the same time, because sometimes it took almost one year until a EP was released. I just released three EPs this year and now I take a little break to produce more wicked tunes. And I can’t say if my next EP will sound similar musically. But the groove will be the same!

– How has your sound evolved over the years? What sort of sounds are you fascinated with now that you hadn’t been with before?
From DrrrrrrrrZRRRrrrrrJUIIIIIII to Bum Bum Bum.

– What’s next for Frag Maddin?
I really don’t know who the fuck Frag Maddin is?!

Interview by James Hopkins

Frag Maddin’s ‘One Hand’ is out now on Definition:Music. Check the link here:


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