Artist: Francesco Belfiore & San Proper
Title: Faulkner EP
Label: Save The Blessed
Format: Vinyl
Cat. #: STB002
Release Date: April 1st
Distribution: Intergroove
1. Faulkner (Francesco Belfiore’ s Mix)
2. Faulkner (Proper’ s For Estelle Mix)

After launching Save The Blessed with ‘Don’t Touch The K:raal EP’—a two-track release from Francesco “Belfie” Belfiore, complete with remix from Restoration’s Xenogears (aka The Analogue Cops)—comes the fledgling vinyl-only house’s second instalment, which sees S.T.B. head team up with Rush Hour mainstay San Proper.

For a decade San Proper has enjoyed cult status in Holland, particularly in his hometown of Amsterdam where he cut his teeth spinning eclectic sets long before taking to the studio. Production-wise, since joining the Dutch electronic institute with his ‘Amsterdam Family’ series back in 2007—which saw San Proper collaborate with a medley of known and unknown producers—he has continued to impress with his heady, idiosyncratic take on house and disco, formulating a recognisable live sonic signature that came to a head on his debut full length ‘Animal’, released last summer.

‘Faulkner EP’ consolidates Save The Blessed’s dedication to analogue craft with an original dubbed-out house work from Francesco Belfiore, rearranged by San Proper on the B-side in token eccentric fashion with vocals and thrumming guitar-redolent bass. For sound aficionados and quirky night owls who enjoy a hefty dose of underground with their wonky, well formed house.



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