Frankyeffe ‘Change It EP’

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ALCDG027_coverArtist: Frankyeffe
Title: Change It EP
Label: Alchemy
Cat #: ALCDG027
Release Date: 30/04/2012
Format: Digital
01 Frankyeffe – Change It (Original Mix)
02 Frankyeffe – Ermetico (Original Mix)
03 Frankyeffe – Eve (Original Mix)
04 Frankyeffe – Slowtime (Original Mix)
05 Frankyeffe – Another Way (Original Mix)

A five-track attack marks Frankyeffe’s debut on Alchemy, leading the way with a variety of potent sounds.
The EP opens with “Change It“, which focuses on rapid synth stabs over a chugging beat and some tasty Detroit strings- making an easy transition for “Ermetico“, which opts for more Tech territory by way of subtle chords and rumbling sub bass.

Things get more sinister on “Eve” with its tense atmosphere and sharp synths which twist and morph while barely retaining their original melodic structure. “Slowtime” simply picks up from there, using the now-familiar sounds to push the momentum even higher with the help of a busy, juicy bassline.

Closing up with “Another Way“, things get taken down a notch to make way for some light, looping pads, vocal snippets and skippy percussion.


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