Frankyeffe ”Trenta”

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Artist: Frankyeffe
Title: Trenta
Label: Riot Recordings
Release Date: 9 November, 2015
Format: Vinyl, CD, Digital
Cat #: RIOTLP001
01. Frankyeffe – When I Was A Child (Original Mix)
02. Frankyeffe – My Beat (Original Mix)
03. Frankyeffe – Come On (Original Mix)
04. Frankyeffe – Crazy Man (Original Mix)
05. Frankyeffe – Into Rippled Stream (Original Mix)
06. Frankyeffe – Pure Feline Soul (Original Mix)
07. Frankyeffe – Testudo (Original Mix)
08. Frankyeffe – In & Out (Original Mix)
09. Frankyeffe – Landing On Planet Earth (Original Mix)
10. Frankyeffe – My Own Sensation (Original Mix)
11. Frankyeffe – 1985 (Original Mix)
12. Frankyeffe – A Carpet Of Leaves (Original Mix)
13. Frankyeffe – Eclypse Mental (Original Mix)
14. Frankyeffe – Tief Mich (Original Mix)
15. Frankyeffe – Creepy Mind (Original Mix)
16. Frankyeffe – Dragonfly Flying (Original Mix)
17. Frankyeffe – Go Away From Here (Original Mix)
18. Frankyeffe – Trenta (Original Mix)

This is not the end, it’s the beginning. This is the philosophy that lies behind “TRENTA”, the first album of Frankyeffe. A new direction in the artistic life of one of the best emerging producers and new generation dj in Italian techno scene. A “private” album, intimate, and from the title expresses what is a turning point in life, artistic and personal, of the artist.

Sixteen tracks, different sounds, sometimes new, never seen before by Frankyeffe within its numerous productions. An album where melodic techno and melodic electronics come together and merge into a unique sound. It ranges from harder tracks to more melodic, until you get to “Into Rippled Stream”, the only one album’s vocal track that really represents a new work by the artist, innovative with the featuring of one of the most interesting Italian voices of the genre: Phil (Philip Nardini). An hard work which he took a little upset ‘schemes, until to get a song that can also seem wistful, nostalgic, but actually turns out to be carefree and forward-looking.

“I wanted to add at my style different sounds, I never addressed before, but inside me for some time and I thought it appropriate for TRENTA and challenge myself. This type of sound has always fascinated me, I have always loved melodies fused with electronics, and I decided to broaden my cultural and musical knowledge”.

Frankyeffe was born in Roma, in Italy, and now is one of the best emerging producers and new generation dj. Started his career in 2001. His previous successes are RIOT on Analytic Trail, CONSCIOUSNESS / NEAPS on Truesoul, TWISTED of Phobiq, STORM on Kombination, CHANGE IT on Alchemy and other excellent releases as YES or NOT on Driving Forces, INFINITY on Herzblut, and HEADY on Riot Recordings. His particularly of expression itself through the right feeling for timing and arrangement dropped in due time his productions bring every club to a boil.

“Many people ask me what “30” means to me as it’s just a simple number.30 is my current age, and age is nothing but a way to measure time that has gone.30 is the name of my first album, where I tried to involve in just one work all of my background and all of the efforts I made through the years. It’s a goal achieved, an artistic and personal consciousness that I’d like to share as much as I can with you guys.I wanted to call it this way because I had the need to prove points, involving emotions and feelings, knowing that emotions and feelings are hard to contain. In these 18 tracks there’s everything I’ve been, ‘till this moment and everything that I want to be from now on.It’s an emotional path full of colors,the perfect painting to make you understand my interpretation of music.

Inside the album you will find linear tracks and techno killer,in the same time tracks more downtempo and introspective. To each of them I wanted to give the most intimate interpretation I could give,trying to make you absorb everything that has influenced me,musically in my carrier.This is the firt time I’m showing myself this way as it’s the first time I really feel ready to do it,so then 30 perhaps is an acquired maturity to make me experience this revolution.The album will be out on RIOT my music label,it’s not an accident if “Riot” is the acronym for Revolutionary Idea On time.

Enjoy the music”.


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