Franz Kirmann “Elysian Park”

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“Elysian Park” is the third album by French, London based producer Franz Kirmann and his second for German imprint Denovali. If Franz Kirmann’s second album, “Meridians” (2014) was a continuation of the nostalgic dreamlike electronica of his first, “Random Access Memories” (2010), then “Elysian Park” is a complete departure from it.

The album was born from “Hyper Trophies”, a 2012 installation project by Berlin art studio Zeitguised that Kirmann was commissioned to soundtrack. Both the visual and sonic aesthetic of that project were instrumental in defining the artistic and sonic approach to “Elysian Park”. The tracks bear no traditional structures, seem to lead nowhere and have no obvious melodies, riffs or no beats to hang on to. There is a deep sense of space and emptiness surrounding the music forcing the listener’s attention to focus on the physicality of the sound rather than any melodic, harmonic or rhythmical content. Kirmann refers to this record as “environmental”, and is clearly interested in setting a space for the listener to wander around and it is as if the music was approached in a sculptural way, the pieces born through carving into the sounds rather than the sounds being organised over a linear timeline.

Denovali Records – October 21st 2016
01. Lament
02. Hidden Olympia / Diamorphine Clickstreams
03. Hypertrance
04. Scavenger
05. Wasteland Condo
06. Lagon
07. Diazepam Dreams
08. Killswitch / Darknet
09. The Pleasure Channel
10. Mirage
11. Lanzarote
12. Paradiso Beach
13. Tears In Your Eyes
14. Halcyon

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