Frederick Alonso Interview

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– What was the last record you purchased? What made you decide to buy it?
Mano Tiro – Havana 1959. I love the dynamics and quality of this grooving tune, it’s a good emotional track for sure.

– How long have you been DJing and producing? What motivated you to start?
I was 14 when I started mixing vinyl and around 16 when I started to play at small events. Later on I played on smaller clubs in Belgium, mostly as a resident. There was always a strong connection with music. I even dream about great tracks sometimes!

– What do you see as your role as a DJ? To educate? To entertain? Both?
I see myself as a respected DJ, and someone who has the skills to make the floors move. I’m a producer that will help young talents with their music productions. So an educating future is something I keep in mind for later on, and yeah, I like to entertain the crowd too.

– What’s been some of your proudest moments as a DJ and producer over the past while?
Forest Festival, and my international bookings in Hamburg and Rosenheim, Germany. Special time.

– And do you pack different bags depending on where you are playing?
I always want to bring something new, depending on the crowd and event. So yeah, I suppose I do.

– How much stock do you put in DJ feedback? Do you care at all?
To be honest, I really care about it, good feedbacks are the stone to success in my opinion.

– Do you generally produce with DJs and dancefloors in mind then?
Producing music is what I really love, but for my albums I don’t necessarily keep the dancefloor in mind. On smaller EP’s I keep the uplifting idea in mind though. Some tracks really work well at the events I play.

– What are some of the most important lessons you have learnt over the years when it comes to production?
Believe in what you do and love it every second. If my feet are moving on my productions I know it’s a good track.

– Tell us about your latest EP on Hit By A Truck and the inspiration behind it?
The head behind the label is a good musical friend and someone with the right skills. For me, it’s important that my tracks get enough attention. I really believe in Hit By A Truck records and the Arabasia track. The title is an invention around the idea that our world would be a happy place if all people party together.


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